Short-comings of the nearsighted social media behavior.

Reposts on Facebook showcasing faulty information contributes more to actual problems in our country then ACTUAL news I’m will to bet.

Especially when they’re centered around war AND OR fear mongering. I mean no disrespect by this, but I am saying sometimes through these reposts we’re commiting the same actions as the person our memes bash.

Even if you don’t realize it, or it’s on a much smaller scale. Let’s say that meme reaches 100 people, and gets even 5 shares, then two more shares per FB feed they hit, then what? Apocalypse my Social Media? Yep… Let’s continue pressing our luck, lol.


When I don’t create musically or artistically, my body feels like it’s shutting down. Creation can be compared to food and water when it comes to me. If I don’t create, I feel like I don’t contribute to the flow of the universe, becoming a husk.

You can’t relate? Don’t care… Only reason I learned business as well as I did is to survive, and create.


Yeah… new release tonight, feel me? I know on tumblr I’m basically talking to myself… but yeah…. lol. Just because check out one of my other joints right now lol.