When I don’t create musically or artistically, my body feels like it’s shutting down. Creation can be compared to food and water when it comes to me. If I don’t create, I feel like I don’t contribute to the flow of the universe, becoming a husk.

You can’t relate? Don’t care… Only reason I learned business as well as I did is to survive, and create.


Yeah… new release tonight, feel me? I know on tumblr I’m basically talking to myself… but yeah…. lol. Just because check out one of my other joints right now lol.

Remember when I did that Neo Soul Joint with Chad and Devin and they all slept on it? Cool… so do I, I bet when all of this music blows up the people who tried to front won’t even be able to look me in the eye… ^_^

No Worries… No Hard Feelings… lmao